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Real Estate Agents in Nevada County, CA, including Grass Valley, CA, Nevada City, CA, Penn Valley, CA, Rough and Ready, CA. Working with our digital strategy for enhanced performance will boost your real estate business to unrivaled levels. 

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While CREN is first a social mission, in reality, we are a technology company. We offer incomparable technological advantages including technology packages, digital lead generation, and P2P software. Because of our technological advantage, we save enormous traditional brokerage costs and pass that directly to the agents. CREN does not charge a desk fee, technology fee, nor a royalty fee. CREN also does not charge for any agent's E&O Insurance. 



Our agents are offered an array of free trainings and are required to attend certain additional trainings outside of the mandatory BRE educational requirements.


CREN focuses on the success of each agent. Leads are distributed evenly, so every agent benefits. CREN also makes inter-office interactions a priority. Joining CREN means that you are selling property, building a stronger community, and joining a family. This message resonates in the office each and every day. 

Why are so many "typical" real estate agent costs not charged with CREN? 

Community Real Estate Network has two extraordinary advantages that allow most "typical" real estate agent costs to be eliminated. First, we are a nonprofit real estate company. There is no broker attempting to make money. This is how we are able to offer the best standard commission split in Nevada County and still donate 20% of each commission directly to the community. Second, we are a digital company with minimal sunken costs. Because of this, we do not charge our agents for their E&O insurance, desk fees, technology fees, nor do we have any royalty fee. You will succeed with CREN! 



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