Community Real Estate Network


Sell any real estate in Nevada County, CA. We sell residential real estate, commercial real estate, and lots and land. We offer tremendous rates since we are a nonprofit real estate company and cover Grass Valley, CA, Nevada City, CA, Penn Valley, CA, Rough and Ready, CA.

Selling your home

Our Philosophy

Having Community Real Estate Network represent you and your property is one the best real estate decisions you have ever made! At Community Real Estate Network, it is our duty to represent you. Often, when selling a property, it feels like everyone in a real estate transaction is against the seller. With CREN as your representative, that feeling will never occur. We represent our sellers without compromise and have statistics that prove it. For our sold listings, we have a company average almost a 100% listing-to-sales price. The only feeling we receive from our sellers is joy! 


OUr Sales Strategy:

1. We are a digital company and focus on digital advertisements. Here is the breakdown of how properties were found by buyers in 2016:

  • Internet: 51%
  • Real estate agent: 34%
  • Yard sign/open house sign: 8%
  • Friend, relative or neighbor: 4%
  • Home builder or their agent: 2%
  • Directly from sellers/Knew the sellers: 1%
  • Print newspaper advertisement: 1%

By focusing our advertising digitally - the internet - our agents are able to reach more home buyers, which allows your home to be sold more quickly. 

2. Pricing correctly through careful study of the years of market data. 

Instead of suggesting a listing price out of nowhere, we watch the local market extremely carefully, while at the same time, watching the proximate major markets. A hot market in a major city does have an affect on buyers in our market. With each listing presentation, we offer market statistics for major markets, our local market, and neighborhoods within our market.


3. Embodiment of the property. 

Our agents get a feel for your property before the sales process begins. No two properties are the same nor are two buyers the same. Because our agents embody your property, they are able to make the sales process a more positive experience. When buyers see the positives and embody your property, many are more willing to purchase and for higher prices. It begins with our embodiment of the property and ends with a new, happier buyer.

4. More!

We have a few proprietary sales strategies and technologies that we would love to discuss with you. Please call today to learn about them!